A Bag Full of Surprises!

I cannot believe how amazing the Dahlia’s look in our garden here in Colorado.  Stunning actually.  If Ray takes notice you know they’re show stoppers!

I never planted Dahlia’s here in Colorado but I did back East because they were one of my father’s favorite flowers.  I planted and dug up the tubers for the last five years.  Along the way I divided them too. Lots of work and each year more of them.  I started to dread the whole process, thirty-four survived storage this past winter!

This Spring I wrapped a few tubers up and brought them here to our garden.  I almost didn’t put them in the ground, they sat around in a paper bag for a few weeks making me feel guilty.  I finally put them in the ground before they dried up.  Placing them here and there grudgingly without much thought and threw in a hand full of Yum Yum Mix.   They must be sticking their tongues out at me now because they are gorgeous and bigger then I’ve ever seen them.  And a few still haven’t unfurled yet, I wonder what colors they will be?  I’ve lucked out so far with the variety since I had no idea what colors I grabbed. Wow!  Can you tell I’m excited?!

About Mary Beth

Master Gardener, Photographer
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