Rustic Farm Table

One of my projects this week was to apply a coat of wax to the kitchen table that Ray built me a few Christmas’s ago. It’s a Farm Table style with bread board ends.

The wood for the table top was salvaged from a renovation here in Colorado. The thick 2′ x 12′ rafters are made of rough-finished Douglas Fir. The Pine legs are from back East. They came from a staircase of a hotel that was knocked down on Block Island.  I’ve saved those legs for 11 years waiting for this table!  It has nail holes, dings and knots — lots of character.

When Ray brought the table up from the shop I finished it with two coats of a natural oil and a beeswax base hardwax.  It was the exact finish I’d hoped for; inviting, smooth, and begging to be touched. With every coat it grows warmer and richer in color, enhancing the grain of the wood.

I give the table a coat of wax at least twice a year.  I wipe the table down of any dirt and rub the wax into the wood with circular motions. I let the wax dry for two hours and then, using a bit of elbow grease, I buff it out with a clean old t-shirt.  The finish holds up very well to our abuse and a damp sponge is all it needs for clean up.


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4 Responses to Rustic Farm Table

  1. okra says:

    Which Island hotel? 🙂

    • Mary Beth says:

      Not sure, they were given to me by a someone who was cleaning out their basement and had the posts for a very long time. Remember it was mentioned they came from a staircase from an old hotel, salvaged from the old dump maybe. Great treasures were found there! Sorry, I was so excited at the time of getting the posts that I wasn’t paying attention to the history of them.

  2. It looks like a great table and I love how you know the history of where all the wood came from! 🙂

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