Garden Journal — Spring To Do List

Contact me to schedule your Spring clean up now.

Happy Spring!  Mary Beth 


lilac bud

Bees and Chicks

I wrote this list for the colder Western regions, but Barbara pointed out that it works equally well for March gardens in Southern California.

In the Rocky Mountains there’s a good chance you still have snow on the ground, or if the snow has melted you are dealing with frozen ground that turns muddy for a few hours during the day and then freezes again. But it’s time to start getting ready for spring and here to help you get going is the beginning of a garden to do list.


Get your soil tested once it’s workable. I’m going to do this again this year. I haven’t tested my soil since 2002, so it’s time for another one. The lab will do a complete study of your soil and it’s all very interesting. It will give you a good start in your garden by taking away the guess-work about what…

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3 Responses to Garden Journal — Spring To Do List

  1. ann cooper says:

    Mary Beth, Hello, How are you ? We are fine and in Durango. I just copied your Bad Ass Deer Spray recipe and need to use some ASAP. Saw some pic’s of your greenhouse, BEAUTIFUL and your photography, I love it. It looks like your staying really busy, us too, been working in the yard and flower beds cleaning, raking all the good stuff. Feels great to get my hands in the dirt. Got to go to Maui for 1 month this winter, I had some really good fun in the ocean.
    Let’s get together and catch up soon. Hope your doing well, you look great. Miss you, Ann

    Hope the bee’s are happy

    • Mary Beth says:

      Hi Ann!
      It does feel good to dig in the dirt! We just put the roof on the greenhouse today, it is so wonderful. I’m going to move my seedlings in tomorrow. I will give you a call so we can catch up, miss you. I have some honey for you!!

  2. Blake says:

    need to take account of the style and function of your landscape.
    If you’ve got a somewhat grander scheme in mind, however, you’ll probably need to rent a
    small excavator from your local supply store.
    There are exorbitant amounts of landscaping plans
    and ideas that are available for use, but to find the right one for your yard will take quite a bit of reading and research.

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