A Gardeners Dream Come True!

Ray and I started the greenhouse a few weeks ago and it’s starting to look awesome!  We have been salvaging materials for a few years and last summer we were given some beautiful old windows and bricks from a remodel Ray had been working on.  Those were the last items we needed to get this project going.

I designed the 10×12 greenhouse around the windows we had. I picked the most interesting and least damaged, 14 in total, which had to be scraped, glazed and painted (not my favorite job in the world).  They turned out really nice. I also made frames and hinged most of them (that was a challenge for me, whoa!) so the greenhouse will have plenty of ventilation.

windows before

Windows waiting to be worked on.

Here is the progress so far. We are waiting on the SolarSoft 85 panels for the roof and they seem to be taking an awfully long time to ship.  So in the meantime we will install the windows and maybe throw up some plastic sheeting over the rafters until the panels come, soon I hope.

Framing Greenhouse walls

Ray and Shawn framing walls and windows.

greenhouse march 20

Rafters and collar ties up! Oh so close!!

Hopefully we will get the greenhouse weather tight this weekend so I can get my seedlings off the kitchen table!  Stayed tuned….

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2 Responses to A Gardeners Dream Come True!

  1. nikkikoloff says:

    I am so excited about your darling greenhouse! The brick floor looks great!

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