Brick and Flagstone

We had some brick leftover from the greenhouse floor but not enough for the little patio I planned to make outside the greenhouse.  I explored possibilities other than just brick online and I found a beautiful combo of brick and flagstone.  I was inspired!  This mason from Hammerhead Stoneworks creates some beautiful stonework.

This is what I completed so far:


Kea hamming it up on brick and ‘Montana Grizzly’ flagstone

The flagstone has some really interesting colors.  I will be getting a few more pieces from Durango Nursery and Supply Co to finish the area surrounding the brick to tie it all in. Plus a few more wooly and ‘pink chintz’ thyme plants to grow between the stone.

IMG_6232 IMG_6223

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3 Responses to Brick and Flagstone

  1. nikkikoloff says:

    I am so impressed Marybeth! The pation turned out beautiful. I love the Montana Grizzly stone. Very nice.

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