Garden Journal: June 23

The gardens are looking lush after all the rain we had in May and part of June.  The temperatures are starting to soar and I believe the roses are enjoying it, many buds are swelling and ready to bloom. The Itoh peony is gorgeous this year and so are the iris.  Next week the herbaceous peonies, roses and clematis will all be blooming at the same time.  I will take many photos to put up when I have a few minutes to spare.

itoh peony

itoh peony

itoh peony

itoh peony

Speaking of blooms, a few of my clients have asked me recently for suggestions for plants  to use in their gardens to fill in the times their gardens are not blooming.  Some gardens have lots of spring and early summer blooms but lack flowers that bloom into the fall months or the other way around.  I have a plant list I made a few years ago.  I like to print it out and give it to my clients so they can bring it to the nurseries when they go plant shopping.

Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming and having a list will keep you focused on specific plants you are looking for. It’s always tempting to buy plants that are blooming in the nursery but it may not be the bloom time you are  looking for.  Stay focused, don’t be afraid to ask someone at the nursery, they will be able to find the plants you are looking for or an alternative.

Untitled-2 Check it out and if anyone has a favorite I left out please let me know! Click here:Bloom Time By Season pdf

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