Client: Blanche McAndrew Harman

Project General Gardening and Vegetable Garden

Because of Mary Beth’s magical work in the garden, my garden is beautiful this year and i absolutely have vegetables, pretty flowers and no bindweed, She is a real worker bee and an expert in maintaining a healthy garden. Thank you Mary Beth”

Client: Edie Blane

Project: General Gardening and Rose Care

“For about ten years Mary Beth Jarrosak has worked on my flower gardens, shrubs and small trees.  If you are looking for a gardener who gives full value she is the one for you.  Over the years she has taught me the value of sustainable gardening and without the damaging fertilizers and pesticides on the market.  I live in a harsh climate and with her careful and artful pruning, and fertilizing, all of my plantings are flourishing.  She can do more in one hour of work than most others can in three.  Add in her artistic ability to combine plants and you have a winning combination.

I recommend her without reservation.”

Edith L. Blane 2015

Client: Grace Luddy                                                                               

Project: General Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

“I just came from outside, watering and checking on the amazing things that Marybeth has brought into my yard.  Beautiful, burgeoning roses are climbing up trellises that Ray built in front of our home.  Other roses that were struggling under my (ahem) “care”, are now bursting and cascading down a terrace in my back yard.   The organic garden that Marybeth installed in the fall is now all set to go.  The peas that I planted have now actually come up and they look healthy and fine, as are the plants that she showed me how to start from seed.  This has never happened to me before.

I now have a wonderful garden area with hardy kiwis that Marybeth planted growing up a trellis that she installed. I have blueberries, raspberries, grapes, and as of this spring, a wonderful orchard, with apples, pears, cherries, peaches, and apricots.  Marybeth did all of this.  She knows so much about gardening, technically.  She knows about plants and what works and what doesn’t,  in ways that are only learned by a smart person with much experience.  She also has an affinity for it.  She loves what she does.  She is responsible and timely in her ministrations to the plants so that things grow, thrive, flower and fruit, as if it was all so easily done.  She made it look easy because everything she did seemed to work.  But I know it wasn’t.  I saw how hard she worked at it, with such consistent effort and responsibility and diligence.

Marybeth also taught me both directly and by example how to actually make a garden grow.  She is willing to teach and assist and she’s willing to do the whole thing, according to your needs.  She also forgave my errors in overwatering and one tragic incident that had to do with the affect on the roses of power washing our decks with bleach.  (She ran over, by the way, and pruned off the damaged parts, and I am happy to report they are growing new shoots.)

I have had gardeners before who were fine, good people, but Marybeth is amazing.  She brought burgeoning life to everything she touched.  She did it efficiently, cost-effectively. She made my garden beautiful.  She taught me how to do it.  She has brought a tremendous sense of possibility in gardening and wonderful beauty into my life.

If you have always wanted to be a person with a beautiful, natural yard and garden, you should work with Marybeth.  It is a pleasure and the best money you’ll ever spend on your house.”

Client: Bob and Martha Agricola                                                                                              

Project: General Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

“Mary Beth Jarrosak is the best thing that ever happened to our garden. It has been free of weeds and beautiful beyond our expectations.  All of this was no accident.  Mary Beth is a garden expert in fact is a “master gardener”.  She was knowledgeable about all the plants in our varied garden and knew how address their individual needs organically.

Whatever the garden needed doing Mary Beth did whether it was spreading mulch, doing heavy trimming on the Rosa Rugosa or eliminating stubborn weeds from the Moonbeam Coreopsis. While Mary Beth will do whatever you ask of her she doesn’t need direction as to what needs to be done. Our arrangement was that she would do what ever she thought needed doing. And she accomplished all of this in a fraction of the time it use to take me to do much less.

The bottom line is that she is a gardening expert, a self starter who works very efficiently, and is an organic gardener. Her work in our garden was admired by all who walked by.

On top of her gardening skill Mary Beth is a wonderful person. It was a joy for us to have worked with and known such a special person.”

Client: Robert and Sally Sawyer                                                                                                      

Project: General Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

“Mary Beth took time to understand what we would like and needed for our new garden. She designed a small easy to manage flower bed. She also maintained the garden in our absence as if it was her own.  We will miss her.”

Client: Zenith Gross                                                                                                            

 Project: General Gardening and Landscape Maintenance

“We were lucky enough to have the help of Mary Beth Jarrosak in creating a beautiful border and container garden at our home for a number of years.  Mary Beth was  knowledgable, creative and reliable.  She thought ahead, had great ideas and followed through without fail. We enthusiastically recommend her to help create a wonderful outdoor environment.”

Katherine Gross


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Blanche McAndrew Harman says:

    Because of Mary Beth’s magical work in the garden, my garden is beautiful this year. and i absolutely have vegetables, pretty flowers and no bindweed, She is a real worker bee and an expert in maintaining a healthy garden. Thank you Mary Beth .

  2. Mary Beth says:

    Thank you Blanche!

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